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Walking back to your car, arms full of groceries, you reach into your pocket and - you see your keys are locked inside of your car.  Now, there are a few options you have at your disposal.  Some people will despair and break down.  Some people will drop their groceries in anger.  But you; you keep your calm and call Art's Lockout Service.  Art has been serving Florida's & Georgia's First Coast with prompt and reliable auto lockout service for years. Art's Lockout Service will be there for you. We care about our customers and always make sure they get the quality service they deserve

Our Full List of Services

  • Key Duplication & I.D. Options
  • Spare Key Security
  • Replacing Lost Keys
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Lock Installations, Re-keying & Repairs
  • 3M Window-Security Laminate Installation
  • Push Button – Keyless Entry
  • Window & Patio Door Locks
  • Door Viewer (peep hole) Installation
  • Door & Frame Reinforcement
  • Door Latch Bolt & Hardware
  • Wireless Door & Window Alert/ Alarm Sensors
  • iPhone Audio/Video Entry Door Systems
  • Door Closer Installation & Adjustment
  • File Cabinet & Desk Locks & Keys
  • Safe Combination Changes
  • I/C (Inter-Changeable) Cores
  • High Security Keys*
  • Master-Keying for Multi-Unit Structures: Hotel, Motel, Business, School, Hospital, etc
  • GM V.A.T.S. Keys, Transponder (Programmable) Keys*
  • Foreign & Domestic
  • Motorcycle Keys, ATVs & RV Kets, Semi Truck Keys, Tool Box Keys
  • Specialty/Fancy House Keys: NASCAR, NFL, SEC College, Elvis Presley, Betty Boop & More
  • FREE On-Site Home or Business Property Security Survey

*Some limitations or restrictions

Master Keying

Many people have been fooled a bit by TV and movies into thinking that there exists a "Master Key" that will open ANY LOCK, ANYWHERE. Sorry. That is actually a myth. There is NO KEY that will OPEN ANY LOCK. That is just Hollywood taking the usual liberties. IN REAL LIFE, a Master-key is part of a specific "Master-Key System" composed of a number of locks keyed to two separate keys- a single key that will open only one lock for a particular unit and another key - a Master- that will open all the locks that are keyed to that system. As an example: an apartment building or hotel with 10 units could be keyed so that each renter will have a key that will open ONLY THEIR UNIT AND NO OTHER. But there is also another key that, because of the way they are all pinned, will OPEN ALL UNITS. This is the Master-Key to the master-key system (the layout design of how all the locks in the system are to be pinned so that only those specific keys will work in the desired locks)


Many multi-unit facilities have this type keying system: Hotels, motels, schools, hospitals or Drs offices, etc. It is so that a manager, Principal, owner or maintenance personnel as well as individual users can have access to particular secure areas that they are authorized to access, and no one else.


Here is an overview of a standard Multi-level Master-key system: Owner or whoever is in charge of the building would have the top key, this one opens all locks in the system. The 2nd row of just 2 keys might go to floor managers, maybe, as in for a hospital or a factory with 2 floors. Those keys will open locks only on those floors. 3rd row of keys might go to department heads who can open the rooms of only those in their department. 4th row of keys will be issued to any employee or tennant in a particular department on a particular floor where their particular office is. 


I/C (Interchangeable Core) locks are part of a master-key system. You'll see them on front doors of Convenience stores, chain grocery stores, mini-mall units and larger commercial complexes, etc. There will be a particular key meant just to remove the lock core (center of the lock where you stick the key in). Hence, Interchangeable Core.

Man Peering into Locked Car

Lockout Services

There is no worse feeling than that sinking feeling you get when you have just realized that you locked your keys inside the car. Art's Lockout Service knows this because we have seen the concerned faces of those in need of our auto lockout services. Then we gently, with expert precision, unlock the door and their anxiety instantly changes to relief. We love to help – call our auto locksmith anytime!


Every auto locksmith that we hire is trained to handle the worst. It is our experience and expertise that has allowed Art's Lockout Service to come to the rescue time and time again without fail.

Locksmith Fixing Lock On Door

Lock Repairs

Art's Lockout Service is keeping up with new advances in security technology. We will have your project done quickly and professionally and answer any questions and concerns you have. We gladly GUARANTY our work. If we can NOT do your job, we will know who to refer you to that can.  


Art's Lockout Service will remove the broken piece of key (method will depend on type of lock and key) and then make sure that your lock is ready again to secure your family, business or belongings.


At times, maybe because of rough use or just age, a Latch, a spring or tumbler, or another piece of the lock mechanism gets damaged and you will not be able to lock or unlock the door, maybe it won't even open. ART will replace whatever is damaged and make it usable again, if possible. If not, it can be replaced, and maybe even rekeyed to match the key that you already have so that you don't have to change to a bunch of new keys.

Locksmith Rekeying

Lock Rekeying

That employee who left under not so good circumstances still has a key to your business. Or, you and your ex are not getting along, they have a key to your place and you feel very vulnerable in your own home. 

Art's Lockout Service will come out and rekey or change the tumblers in your current lock so that the old keys will no longer work. The lock cylinder is made up of a number of tumblers that are of different lengths that correspond to the different cuts of your key and can be changed so that any old keys will be obsolete. The tumblers are spring loaded and when everything works together, only one key cut to a particular combination will operate your lock., and we can cut you as many copies of the new keys as you need.

Sad Woman Locked out of Car

Lost Key Replacement

Art's Lockout Service always recommends having more than one key for ANY LOCK. We realize though, and have seen a number of people calling from on the river, out at the beach, the middle of nowhere, having lost their ONLY key to their vehicle or home or office. Usually they have lost rings with keys to all of their vehicles, toys, toolboxes, and homes.


We can make replacement keys for most applications: automotive, RVs, ATVs, toolboxes, cabinets, furniture, etc. We do encourage folks to GET COPIES MADE. It is A LOT LESS EXPENSIVE to have a copy made of any key than it is to have to generate keys from scratch to replace lost ones.

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Arthur (Art) Arke, owner of Art's Lockout Service is a bonded member of the National Locksmith Association, a member of the Greater Nassau County Chamber of Commerce, and The First Coast Locksmith Association. We serve Nassau and northern Duval Counties in Florida, and Camden and Charlton Counties in Georgia.


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